A History of the Wopsononock Railroad & Resort Once Located Near Altoona, PA



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From Altoona Mirror, Dec 18, 1891

Railroad Time Tables



On and after Monday, December 7, 1891,

trains will leave Juniata daily except Sun-

day for Wopsononock at 10:30 a.m. Arrive

Wopsononock 11:15 a.m. Returning leave

Wopsononock at 5:00 p.m. Arrive Juniata

at 5:40

                    W. T. Forsythe, Superintendent

1890s Stereoview

Altoona Mirror, Saturday, August 9, 1890

   Altoona Times, August, 1890


There will be only a limited number of

lots sold at Wopsononock at the present

low prices.


Ten car loads of steel rails were received

yesterday (165 ½ tons) for the Wopsononock

Railroad. They were manufactured at the

Johnstown works.


The coach for Wopsononock leaves G. A.

Patton’s store, on Twelfth street, every

morning (Sunday included) at 8 o’clock.

        Round trip, adults,    75c

        One way,                 50c

        Round trip, children 50c

        One way,                 25c

Meals at the Wopsononock Hotel, 50c.

Finest view in this country.


     Wopsononock Cottage Lots

It has been decided to continue the sale

of Wopsononock lots at the same prices

as they sold for yesterday, but prices will

have to be advanced soon.  It is one of the

most desirable places in the country to

spend the summer, and now that such excellent

railroad facilities are to be had soon,

it will more desirable than ever.



There is but one Wopsononock, no other

place in the wide world like it, tip top of

the Alleghenies, 2,650 feet above sea level,

1,300 feet higher than Altoona, 500 feet

higher than Cresson. Pure air, pure water.

It is a privilege to own a lot at

such a place. Plot of lots now ready at

G. A. Patton’s. There is but one Wopsononock.


Catskill mountains for New York State

and Wopsononock for Pennsylvania. They

are both wonderful places. Go to the

Catskills if you can pay $1,500 for a lot,

and go to Wopsononock if you only have

$100 to spare for the same sized lot. The

New York mountaineers will please forward

their proportion of this advertisement to

G. A. Patton, Altoona, Pa.


           Andrew Carnegie Again

A short time ago one of Blair county’s

best known men was spending a day at


His store of interesting knowledge about

the different points to be seen from the

famous view attracted a number of eager

listeners, and as one point after another

was located and the various counties

pointed out to the gentlemen around, the

speaker ended by saying: “Yes, gentlemen,

this is magnificent. Never saw anything

to beat it. If Andrew Carnegie had seen this

place before he bought the location

for his Scotch castle, this would undoubtedly

have been his property today. Do you know

this very location has been laid out

in lots by the Wopsononock Resort

Improvement Company for summer cottages.

For one hundred dollars, you can buy a lot

50 feet by 150 feet.


Call at G. A. Patton’s store on Twelfth

street today and secure a lot. Is there

any reason why you should go to the sea

shore and spend a month of misery in the

hot sun when you can have a summer cottage

within easy reach of your home, where you will

find beautiful scenery and a cool, pleasant

breeze all the time.  Don’t miss this chance.



Photo below courtesy of Jim Kennedy

New York World, July 14, 1900

Altoona Mirror, August 9, 1890



The Pinnacle of Pennsylvania !

Right here at home---

Within six miles of Altoona.

You can now have the privilege

Of buying a cottage lot on the

Tip-top of the Alleghenies.

Breath the air from the

Mountain-top, pure and cool.

Plenty good, crystal-clear water.

Finest scenery in America.

It surpasses the Rockies, it sur-

passes the Catskills.

There’s no place like Wopsononock

These lots are but $100

They are 50x150 feet.

See plot at G. A. Patton’s, Twelfth

street, Altoona, Pa.

Build your summer home on

The Pinnacle of Pennsylvania !


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